Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feeling Proud!

The windchill is below zero, but then, what's new. Today started out like any other day until there was a text from Brent that Layla was to receive an award during an assembly on "Wednesday, February 28". Hmmmm. I called the school. It was today. Tom and I grabbed our coats and headed to Southside. Layla and Marley have received several "lifeskill" awards during their school years and being 'good at life' makes me proud. My grandkids all make me very proud. I got to hug and kiss on both girls and that made my windchilled heart very warm.
Both awards were for "common sense".
One was from her 4th grade teacher.
The other was from her music teacher.
Layla does have LOTS of common sense.

Proud PopPop

Hi Marley!

My sweet girl!

Getting to see my girls wasn't in today's plans but seeing them was better than anything else I would do today. I am proud of them both!.
Tom and I are home again until we meet Kathy Thies at the Mayberry for lunch. It will be good to see her and hear about her new great niece.
In the meantime, I just looked out the window and, in spite of the snow, it made me know that spring will be coming...some day!

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