Saturday, December 14, 2013

A Snowy Day!

It was a snowy day today! Kendra and the grandkidlets arrived last night ahead of the snow. It was a beautiful sight to wake up to a white world even if winter isn't my favorite season.

We miss having Layla and Marley here this weekend. Layla had her two front teeth (baby teeth that refused to come out) pulled and two extra teeth dug out from behind the baby teeth. We are hoping that the primary teeth are up in those gums somewhere. I feel so sorry for all that she has had to go through.

Of course, since Mother is now a Hoosier, when Kendra's family is in town, she gets to see them. We piled into the van and plowed through the snow...over the river and through the woods ...  Mother was so happy to see everyone!
Since Mother's room is next to one of the five lounges, when she has company, her guests can visit with her there. The boys played chess while Lexi played with the "blocks" and then we all played a hot match of Skip-Bo. We had such a great time!!!
Alexis loves her brothers soooo much!

Alexis loved the many choices of games in the lounge.

Mother loved having the great-grandkidlets visit!

Mother loved listening to the laughter and funny discussions from our card game. We wish that she could see well enough to play but that won't happen.

We then met PopPop at Hacienda. Alexia didn't have a nap today but she was as good as always!

Blake loved wearing PopPop's hat at Hacienda.


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