Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Poem, An Update and A New Beginning

                                I'm happy...oh so happy!!!
                                I'm sure that you can see!
                             A checkup after a whole year
                              Showed me as tumor free!!!

Ok! So it isn't a limerick! I was thrilled with the results! After 13 tumors in my bladder, I have now been tumor free for 3 years. Merry Christmas to me...early!
An Update on Mother:  Mother and I headed to Battle Creek this morning for an eye checkup. Dr. Colquhoun has given Mother 9 eye injections for her "wet" macular degeneration (which means that she hemorrhaged in her eye). Today was just for eye photos and checkup. She has very little vision left in her left eye. Her right eye isn't good at all but at least she has some vision. We were at the Doctor's for nearly 2 1/2 hours but most of that was waiting.
Not realizing that the appointment would take so long, we had only 55 minutes to eat and get to Mother's hearing aid checkup. Keith, Sharon and Debra joined us. Mother ate as fast as she was able while I made calls to get some info from the hospital that the Hubbard Hill nurse needed. So much for lunch.
We got to the hearing appointment 5 minutes late but we were there for only 1/2 hour. We decided to make a visit to Debra's so Mother could see her new apartment.
A New Beginning:
Debra is loving her new apartment! Every time I see her, she tells me how perfect it is. She and Mother miss each other but Debra calls Mother often. Debra loves that she is still near her friends.
Debra was very happy to show us her beautiful new Christmas decorations that Brian and Laura got for her:

Living Room

Dining Area



Decals that Laura put in the bathroom
I think back to when I prayed on the morning of my birthday, November 6th. Knowing that there probably wouldn't be a room available for Mother at Hubbard Hill until late winter or early spring, I told God that I didn't want to beg but that the best birthday present that I could possibly imagine, would be a call that there was a studio apartment available for Mother. After all, He had already given us several miracles up to this point so I hated to keep begging asking. It wasn't long after, that my phone rang. I was so thrilled that I couldn't wait to tell Paula. I actually called her before I called Mother.
That was the beginning of the moves.
Mother has now been at Hubbard Hill for two weeks. She is very happy there and feels very content in her new situation. She is thankful to have her piano in her room. She is quickly becoming known for her musical skills since she is drawn to the piano to play while she is waiting for her food in the dining room. I knew it wouldn't take long.

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