Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sisters and Such...

Mother (92) and Aunt Eleanor (91) haven't seen each other in many months. Aunt Eleanor lives at Maple Lawn Nursing Home in Coldwater MI and it is difficult for her to get out and about. Today, however, was a doctor's appointment in Battle Creek, so Cousin Carol Ann Woodman (who visits her mother nearly every day) and I decided to meet for lunch. We met at Cracker Barrel at 2:00. Carol Ann brought along her granddaughter, Jordyn, who is one very loved little girl! I believe that Aunt Eleanor referred to her great-great-granddaughter as "the apple of her eye" a few times.

                               The meeting of the sisters:

Mother & Aunt Eleanor
Jordyn, Aunt Eleanor and Carol Ann
Aunt Eleanor invited anyone who wanted to,
to sit on her lap. Jordyn took her up on it!
Since they were on the other side of my table,
I made them pose for me several times.
Jordyn LOVES to pose!
Jordyn and Grandma Carol
"I love you more!!!"
It was difficult capturing the Sisters in a photo.
I took many pictures!
I deleted many pictures!
One would look at the camera.
The other would look away.
One would smile.
One would talk.
The other would talk.
I just let them talk.
They look mad but trust me...
they weren't!
This is how you look when you are
in your 90's...
hard of hearing...
have memory issues...
have a camera flashing in your face every 5 seconds!
"Ok Eleanor. Humor her and smile."
(I do love this picture of Mother.)
"Do you think she's done yet???"
"I'll grab the camera and you take her down!"
"Oh wait. How fast can you move?"
"It takes 5 minutes to get out of this chair!"
"Just ignore her and she'll leave us alone."
"I'm telling you, I hate those Kodak's!!!"
We really did have a great time together.
*   *   *
 This is a sad time as well because their beloved sister-in-law, Nancy Culver, is near death in Chicago.  Our heart-felt prayers go out to our cousins
Steve, Chad and Peter Culver and their families
during this difficult time.

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