Monday, July 29, 2013

Epworth Forest Choir School 2013

Choir School 2013 is now a memory. The music was incredible! The worship was extraordinary! Choir School is worth going to just to experience the music or the worship but we happen to get both! With Craig Courtney as the music director and the Rev. Dr. Derek Weber as the chaplain,  Dr. Randy Frieling as the Adult Choir Accompanist extraordinaire, and more talent than one can imagine, it was a fulfilling week. CS is held on the campus of Anderson University in Anderson Indiana.
The following photos will be to remind me of who all attended this year. It doesn't capture the beauty of the music and worship but from people's faces, you can see that they love CS:

Kim LaRue and her Worship Class set the stage for our theme of "Follow The Leader"
Kathy Thies and I walked each morning.

Randy and sweet Eleanor

Randy and Sandy

Kathy and I saw a poster about CS on a wall many years ago.
We experienced CS at Epworth Forest with Varner and Anna Chance (who founded EFCS in 1954 in North Webster.)

LaPorte is always well represented!!!

My roommate, Nellie (2nd from the right) was new this year.
Pat (left) is one of my "old" roommates.

What am I doing in a picture???

Time for a quick break!
Wednesday evening everyone gathers at Park Place Church of God for Worship and Recital Night. If a CS person chooses to take part on Recital Night, they come prepared to audition. People are chosen by what will make a balanced program and it is incorporated into our worship service.

Patrice and Jill are some of the "old" people that I love to catch up with each year.

Dave T. is the "strong/silent" type that works hard behind the scenes to make us look good. He is also a very looooow bass.

Marti is new this year. She and Kathy T. were old friends at Ball State and reconnected with each other! Small world!

Who doesn't just LOVE Lucy Lehman???

Kathy, Nellie and Pat

The sanctuary before the service

Glenda and her brother Glen (new this year).
Glen arrived from Texas to visit. He is very smart (Dr. of something to do with chemistry) but I really loved him anyway!
The Recital Night began with Schuyler Brinson and Randy Frieling playing a piano/organ duet called "Capriccio". I would love an entire evening of just listening to those two guys play!
Thursday morning and Ginger and I are ready for more rehearsal.

Sara was new this year and she certainly loves life. Can you tell?

Since the rehearsal rooms are COLD, we loved taking breaks in the sun.

Anderson University is a beautiful campus.

Craig Courtney (center in blue shirt) talks to Sue Ametsreiter. Sue was new this year and came with the Courtneys. They have been friends for many, many years. She was delightful to get to know.
I even learned how to pronounce her name properly!
And then.....

the Colts began to arrive in town.
The Colts' "set-up" crew arrive about Wednesday and they begin to prepare for the players arrival. We leave CS by Saturday noon and they move in. It is fun to watch how the big trucks come in and bring all the upgrades: food, mattresses, equipment, etc.
(I wonder if any of the Colts want to join Choir School! Hmmm!)
Thursday night (called Thursday Night Live) is a fun night for any one or any act with no auditions. Some of the acts are pulled together at the last minute:
The (Chordsmen) boys can SING!!!
They pulled this terrific number together
the night before. What talent!

"Lynda and the Lyttles" is entertaining every year.
One never knows what they will come up with!
Friday is the culmination of all we have learned throughout the week. Our final concert is usually held at a church in Anderson but with the completion of York Hall on campus, we held our concert there. We had morning rehearsal and worked on placement of everyone.
Craig directs our final rehearsal.
At last, it's nearly dinnertime and then our concert.

Craig and Susan Courtney

These wonderful young men came to Choir School for the first time this year. They study at Capital University and sing with the Chordsmen under Craig's direction. Meeting (and listening) to them was worth a week on bad mattresses!

Schuyler and Randy
(Unstoppable on any keyboard!)
How many people are so fortunate as to have a visitor come to the concert? A visitor from my past! An "old" 1st grade student!! A student who is an RA at Anderson University and close to having a degree in Social Work!!! I LOVE catching up with Amanda Martin! They don't come any sweeter than her. She was texting her best friend during the concert (who also happened to be in my class!) and was telling her about being at the concert. What a treat!

The concert is over and we collect back at the dorm for prayer. Derek is the best!

The young men are ready to have fun as we old folks head to bed!

Saturday morning is time for breakfast and our final morning worship. Kim LaRue can make a meaningful altar out of most anything.

Choir School 2013 is over for another year. Now it's time to go home and "follow the leader".

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