Sunday, July 7, 2013

Aunt Nancy

             This is my dear Uncle Wayne and Aunt Nancy.
You would love them very much.
They were married for over 60 years.
Uncle Wayne died a few years ago and a celebration of Aunt Nancy's life will take place in Chicago as I write this.
I wish that I could be there to represent our family but
time and space won't allow it.
On my 9th birthday, it was my turn to go home with the Culvers
to Chicago and stay with them for a week!!!
It was the closest to heaven I would ever get (I thought then)!
Steve, Chad and Peter were always nice to me (I'm sure they were threatened within an inch of their lives)!
They played games!
They did puzzles!
They had a wading pool!!!!!!!
I got to listen to records!!!!!
But best of all...I was "dressed up":  adorned with little white gloves, taken to DOWNTOWN Chicago and we had LUNCH!!!
and SHOPPED!!!.
I was soooo happy!
Aunt Nancy bought me a little white blouse with pink on the pocket with MATCHING pink on a narrow, pin-striped skirt!
It was AN OUTFIT!!!
I was complete!!!
I felt beautiful!!!
I had such joy in my soul, I don't remember much else about the trip but I knew that being with the Culvers was a treasure!
I loved to listen to them talk to each other.
I always felt that they were from another world.
Even their "accents" were wonderful.
They sounded (and still do...especially Chad) like they were from Boston or someplace like that.
They were all soooo smart!
They could tease each other and banter and it was all meaningful!
They were a unique family.
I was blessed to have them in my life.
Uncle Wayne and Aunt Nancy had a lot of catching up to do but they are together again and that makes me happy.
May God bless Steve, Chad and Peter and their families,
for they will miss their mother.
She was a very special lady.

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