Monday, January 7, 2013

Places to go....People to see!

We were missing our Noblesville grandkidlets last week so we packed our bags and headed out. We travelled there via Anderson to brunch with Tom and Barb Rowlen. It's an easy way to make the connection with our old friends since they are only 40 minutes from Noblesville.

It was so good to see the kids (little and big)! I felt like I hadn't seen them in months when in fact it had been 8 days! There were so many things to do! Their family had been in Florida for several days and the grandkidlets were happy to get home to Christmas toys.

This picture of Nicholas, Blake and Tom was taken before all the Christmas festivities as they helped Kendra make Pretzel, Rolo, Pecan snacks. Knowing how  these boys are not big snackers, there were probably just as many snacks when they were finished as when they began. Now PopPop might have eaten one or two!

Nicholas always loves a good book!

Blake was thrilled to receive his very own bathrobe for Christmas! Now he doesn't need to borrow his Mama's (which is a "little" long!) Doesn't this photo make you think, "Where's Waldo Blake"?

Alexis loves Uno Attack! Well...not playing the game. She loves that she can push the button and cards fly out at her.
"Hey! Want to play?"

Blake and PopPop study the Lego book for new ideas. They really need not look because Blake is going to make his own creation no matter what they find.

Nicholas! Weren't you suppose to wait for PopPop to help you put that together???

Sunday was going to be a very big day. There is always church in the morning and then lunch. But at 1:00 the Colts were going to take on the Baltimore Ravens. We really wanted the Colts to win!!! Well, Nicky is a Ravens fan but he doesn't know any better! Rotten PopPop even bought a shirt to help support Nicholas and to make him feel better when he lost the game.

Church is over and PopPop picks up Alexis from her class while Kendra picks up the boys from their classes.
"Hey PopPop! I see Mommy and Nicky and Blake!!!
Please let me down!!!"

"Hi Lexi! Did you have fun in your class today?"

After church, we headed to Perkins for lunch and then home. Jason was still up (having worked all night) so Lexi got to do some kissing on her sweet Daddy! You can feel the love!!!

Time for the Colts game! Now remind me who we are playing???
(I don't know why Nicholas is acting so calmly!) Blake doesn't really care about the game but he does love to snuggle!
Games over and it's time for Tom and me to head home. It is always hard to say goodbye to our sweet grandkidlets but we must. Besides, tonight is the beginning of Season 3 of Downton Abbey!!! Kendra and I have waited for months for this!
Brent will have the girls this coming week so here is the reason that we come home:
Marley is ready to cheer on the Irish!!!
We loved getting back to waking up our girls. These school vacations are just terrible!  (Ask any teacher if he/she agrees!!!)
....and Layla. She is back where she belongs! She hasn't seen her PopPop all week and that is a very bad thing!

This coming Friday is the school science fair. They worked on it before and during vacation. They must get together this week after school, to put the final touches on it. Oh the memories they are making!


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