Friday, January 11, 2013

Goin' To The Fair...

Today was Layla's first science fair. We are so proud of her because she worked very hard and she learned a lot. Before Christmas, she sat down with Tom  PopPop to make a plan:

"What is  'density', PopPop???"

"I'm going to see which of these is the heaviest...
I mean...the densest."

The labeling begins.
More labels!
"I'll start with Dawn."
"Corn syrup will be good to measure."
"Perhaps a little Crisco would be good."
"These are my choices."
"Now comes the weighing."
"Would you explain this to me PopPop?"
"We will weigh each liquid in grams to see
which is the densest."
"I'll write down how many grams each weighs."
"Ta da!!!" They are in order from
lightest to heaviest!"
"This is sure fun but it takes a lot of time!!!
Now I have to decide on which of these to
use. I won't ask PopPop what colors look best
together. He's colorblind."
"Hmmm. This looks interesting.
It's fun to watch the densest liquid
as it goes through the other
liquids to the bottom."
"These are ok but I need a break.
I'll work on it some more during
Christmas vacation."
"I'm back at it. Now I have to remember what
I was doing."
"Oh yes...density. These look good but I need
a bigger container. Hey PopPop!!!"
"These colors might be good to help show
the different layers of liquids."
"I am nearly finished! There are so many pictures
of me pouring and checking liquids but I couldn't
get JoJo to put them all in the blog. I have to decide
what pictures and captions to put where before I
start to stick them on. Jen gave me a great board to
use for the background. Well...I'd better get this done!!!"
"This is it! This is lots of hours of work!
Tomorrow is the Science Fair and no matter
how I do, I had fun and I learned a lot!!!"
Science Fair Day!

Layla was in class when Tom and I
returned to school this afternoon to
take the project home. Several kids
asked me about her project. That was fun!
It was fun watching different classes of kids come
through the room, asking questions and looking
at the projects.

We are proud of Layla for wanting to do this project.
She and Tom spent several days (he loved every minute)
together. We learned today that there is a project booklet that
we should have had but felt that we covered most areas
without the booklet. Next year, we'll be a little smarter.

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