Saturday, December 29, 2012

Walking in A Winter Wonderland!

I don't have to travel. I'm home so I can actually appreciate the beauty of the snow. I have blogged numerous times about "Tom's" path which runs along the river. (It isn't really his path of course.) Those blogs were usually springtime blogs. Today I was 'in the mood' so I grabbed Tom and my camera (not necessarily in that order) and headed out.
We started at the end of our driveway.
We just follow the path until it circles back to our house.
"Hey!!! Wait for me!!!"
I stopped a lot to check out the view looking back. (I'd say the direction but I have no idea what direction it is!)
Maybe I'm better off going forward.
Tom decided that it was my turn to be in the picture. See that blob on my face (be nice!!!). It's a snowflake! I was having a hard time keeping my camera dry but you can't really tell that from the pictures.
Crazy Tom was telling me about his 'distance markers' that he has placed along the trail to help measure his daily walks. He said that it took him several days to finally get this huge log this far! He's crazy!!!
This is another distance marker.

Check out the shape of that tree!
I love this photo! My camera wasn't set right or else Tom's arm wasn't long enough. I think the latter!
"Hi Honey!"
There! Now the camera is set correctly (I think).
We are back inside. As night creeps in, the snow continues to fall and I am glad to be home.

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