Thursday, July 26, 2012


School??? You have to go to school??? School in the summer??? Ugh! What are you thinking???
No, I'm not crazy. This is more like a camp than school. When Varner Chance founded Epworth Forest Choir School way back when, he knew that people would be learning something and therefore, called it Choir School. It is more like Choir Camp  held at Anderson University. It is an incredible week of singing, laughing, worship, rehearsals, recitals, silly skits, orchestra, classes and way too much food.

With so many pictures to post, I decided that I needed to break it up into segments. Registration took place Sunday afternoon and I took a few photos of Sunday's events:

Lucy Lehman, Claudia Weiler, Maureen Watson, Glenda Davis, Pat Geoffroy, Jane Starkey, Kathy Thies

Drew Childs and Craig Courtney go over some last minute rehearsal notes.

It was so nice visiting with Mary Ellen McCain!

Mary Loring, Allen McCormack, Maddie and Derek Weber and Chuck Scott

Allen McCormack

Beautiful Jill Wood-Naatz

Break time with conductor Craig Courtney

Craig Courtney and Rosalie Geller

Chaplin Derek Weber

Dear friends, Kathy Thies and Jane Peiffer

Kathy and Jane love it when I grab my camera! (Ha!)

Anderson University is a gorgeous campus even though we have had some very, very hot days.

"Ruth's Truths" was the class we chose to take this year taught by Mary LaTurner.

It was wonderful returning to the university for Choir School. Many of these people only see each other once a year so it is a very special time. My blog will be about Choir School for the next several days. It is a great way to remember these good friends.
P.S. Tomorrow night is our concert night at Central Christian Church in Anderson. With Craig Courtney at the baton, great things will happen. The excitment builds!!!

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  1. Thank You so much for your post. I was trying to put a post together about my time spent with Varner Chance and the Sounds of Hope group in Europe in 1976. Your post helped to tie some loose ends together.