Thursday, July 12, 2012


Blake had his tonsils and adenoids out at St. Vincent's hospital this morning. He was excited to go since he knew he could have all the popsicles he wanted. Who cares about a 'little' sore throat! The doctors said that he was the best patient!!! He had 5 (yes...5!!!) popsicles before leaving the hospital and Kendra said that he probably would have had 8 had she let him. He got to wheel himself out of the hospital and was thrilled about that. He has had no pain meds all day except to go to bed tonight.  He took a good afternoon nap and then he and Nicholas began putting together the Lego set that Aunt Paula, Uncle Ron, PopPop Tom and I gave him tonight. When one boy gets a present, there is no question that the brothers will share it. I don't think I've ever heard the words "it's MINE" come out of their mouths! They are incredible boys!  

When looking at Blake today, there was no question that he had had surgery but we'd never know it from listening to him. No complaints!

Blake and Nicky stopped working on Legos to pose for me. I didn't catch the shot of Blake's arm wrapped around Nicky but I still love this picture. You can tell that Blake is ready for bed. Looong day!

Nicholas is telling me something about a character from whatever book he is reading at the moment. So much to little time.
I'm glad that today is over for Blake. He was such a trooper! There were times that I could tell that he was hurting but if asked he always said that he was fine. He is always so busy building, creating, figuring things out, explaining, etc., he doesn't have time to think about feeling bad. Life is good. I am blessed to have such incredible boys!

Special thanks to my sister Paula for keeping me company today. We watched Alexis and Nicholas while Kendra and Jason were with Blake. We always have such a good time together. Paula is around Alexis so much more than I am and knows her wants and needs about as well as her parents do. Next to her mom and dad, Lexi wants "Paula"! It was also fun taking Nicholas shopping this afternoon to let him pick out a "wonderful big brother" present. He deserved it!

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