Saturday, July 28, 2012

Choir School continues....

Rehearsals are now underway. We sing for several hours a day but always find time to eat, share with friends, worship and have a great time. This year's theme was "Sing A Song of Choir School". Worship focused on musical styles. Monday's styles reflected  "Isaiah's Song -A Cappella" and "Job -Blues" as only our chaplain Derek Weber can deliver. His messages reach down to my toes!!! 

Tuesday's styles reflected "Shepherd's Song - Celtic" and "Creation's Song - Canon"  Kim LaRue pulls together incredible worship presentations for each day's services. She just brings her stuff and turns the stage into such meaningful visuals. Each day was like looking at the stuff  around the edges of your attic and seeing things in a different light or looking around the edges of your choir room and really looking at what's there.
The corner of the attic below represents "Mary's Song - Soul" and "Musician's Song - Classical". As Derek said (or something like this), "Mary was the 1st 'soul singer'. We have the power to sing from the souls of our feet; from the center of our being. We have the power to minister. If we choose to be a 'soul singer', we too can magnify the Lord."
 I'm sure I didn't say it the way Derek did, but I got the point.

What person sparkles more than Lucy Lehman?

Who knew that Chuck Scott loved sheep???

The power of an accompaniment is beyond words when put in the hands of this man, Dr. Randy Frieling. Organ or piano...he is magnificent!

Below, Daniel Lang is showing off his handsomeness. He has lost 190 pounds!!! We are all so proud of him!

Clifton Davis is new to choir school this year but is another talented guy who is working on his PH.D. Where do these people come from??? He is a modest, gentle, kind man who sat down at the piano and accompanied us this morning at worship. His sensitivity to the keyboard made me stop breathing for a minute.

Hi Cliff!

These men certainly needed a break!
Chuck Scott, Bob Martin and Don Martin
Cliff, Steve Mast and Greg Childs
Craig Courtney writes/arranges some of the most worshipful music that I have ever sung. Many choirs have sung numerous Courtney pieces,  one of his oldest which is sung during the Easter season: Thy Will Be Done.

Kim LaRue (front left) is the creative person responsible for the "attic" affect of the altar. Eileen Guckenberger  and Maureen Watson (rear left) all take a minute to rest during a break.

Pat Geoffroy and Sandy Martin
Eleanor DeMarco and Pat Legner
Mr. and Mrs. Drew (Becca) Childs
Karen Townsend and Susan Blaese
(Two crazy sisters!!!)
Susan is the orchestra director with the patience of Job!

This completes my photo coverage of Tuesday. Just be glad that this is all the photos that I selected! I have many!!!

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