Friday, July 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday Finale at EFCS

What a wonderful week it has been!!! Returning to Epworth Forest Choir School (now at Anderson University instead of in Webster, IN) has been a great experience. Experiencing the  conducting skills, spiritual depth and musical gifts of conductor Craig Courtney is an overwhelming  gift  of joy for me. The music that he writes and/or arranges  puts my heart and head into another plain of spirituality. The stories that he tells about the pieces that he writes make each piece personal. Every phrase tells a piece of the story. Every notation has meaning. Every note is special.

Our concert was tonight with the incredible Dr. Randy Frieling accompanist. Oh my! There is nothing more that I can say about his skills. Put Randy and Craig in the same "house" and you have music that makes the angels take notice. 

He is Born! (arranged by Dan Forrest)
The Yearning (Craig Courtney)
Great Day (arranged by Howard Helvey)
Lord of the Small (Daniel Forrest)
I Will Rise (arranged by Craig Courtney/Linda Hasseler)
Voices of Praise (Craig Courtney)

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