Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fab Five!!!!!

It's a few pixels. People often ask me what kind of a camera I use. Trust me, when I see those people with the huge cameras and the foot-long lens attached to another lens, I hide my little Canon. But I DO love to take pictures. My pictures are my memory. My memory is limited due to old age. If I don't have pictures of my five grands with me, I'll bet you that they are not  far away. ("Wait! I'll go get them! Can you wait for about 1/2 hour? Be right back!!!") 

This week is Epworth Forest Choir School. I attended for several years at Epworth Forest. It was moved to Anderson University a few years ago and it's time to return to this fabulous week of music. My dear friend Jane Peiffer and I will return together. We met at EFCS and have remained friends for these many years. Poor Jane listens to my grandkid stories over and over. Poor girl...good friend. She knows that I will have pictures.

I had to update my "carry on" photos. The kids are growing so fast! So, since I can't carry around the 1,235,255 pictures that are in my hard drive, I had to chose one updated picture of each kid. And the winners are:

Nicholas (7 1/2)

Alexis (2 yrs. 3 months)                                         Blake (5 1/2)

Marley (4 yrs) and Layla (7 yrs.)
P.S. I REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like this web site. The published blog photos do not appear as I placed them on the site. Very very frustrating. I have tried a different site but it is too difficult to navigate for an old person. So....what you see isn't how I placed it.

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