Saturday, August 6, 2011


It's been a weekend of "firsts". Kendra and kids arrived Wednesday afternoon for a final fling with us before school begins. We took a couple of day trips to places that we knew they hadn't been before. We enjoyed the cooler 80+ degree days after the horribly hot temps that we had been having. It was also fun that the cousins were able to be together Wednesday afternoon and all day Thursday.

 A First: Day trip to Potato Creek State Park...warm water...short ride...easy day
A First: Lexi's First Haircut.....not her favorite thing to do. She signed that she was done before it started!

A First: Goshen First walking up and down Goshen's main street. Lots of fun and lots of people!
A First: Curious Kid's Museum in St. Joseph MI with my grandkids and not 3 busloads of 1st or 2nd graders. What a joy!!!
A First: Beautiful Silver Beach....first experience with waves....cold inspite of the hot temps...

A First:  Visiting the Discovery Zone (Part of the Curious Kid's Museum)

A First: Watching the Chalk Artists on a street in St. Joe...fabulous!

It has been so much fun with the kidlets. What did I ever do before the days of digital camera??? For me, my camera IS priceless!

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