Monday, April 25, 2011

Ohhh The Love!

Ohhhh the love of a PopPop for his little girls! They helped make it a joyous Easter!

Easter love: Marley, Tom, Layla and Brent

Brent and the girls went to church with us this morning and then returned to our house to hunt for Easter baskets.

Layla found the first clue! The hunt for the baskets begins!

"Read it! Read it!"

"We have to go where???"

"Poor JoJo has to keep chasing us all over the house! Who hid these clues anyway???"

"Back upstairs! Here Layla! Read it!"

"I wonder how many more messages are hidden? I want my basket!"

"I FOUND MINE!!!" It's under JoJo's sink! (What a mess!!!)

"What's this? One last message in the bottom of the basket! It says to check out the washer and dryer!
Oh we have to do the laundry???"

"Ohhhh! Pillow Pets!!!!!"

It was such a gorgeous day, we took a walk up the hill.

Ohhhhh! The Love!

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