Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lexi Turns 2!!!!!!! (almost)

How much excitement can there be in one weekend??? Brent, Elizabeth and the girls came to stay with Paula and Ron for the weekend, Butler played (and WON) their game today, and this afternoon Paula decided that we should have a mini-pre-birthday celebration since Lexi will be in Elkhart during her birthday next week. So....after dinner Paula and Ron tell Lexi that they have a present for her. It is a soft, velvet-like pink chair!

"Is this chair for me???"

"Do I get this present too???"

"Oh I just LOVE my presents! Thank you so much!"

"I am just sooooooo excited!"

"Nicky, Blake, Marley and Layla are eating my birthday cupcakes."

"Ummm...hello...what about me?"

"Can I have one?"

"That's ok. I'll have some cake in my bottle tonight. I'll just hug this thing."

"I know I'll get more presents next Thursday! "
  "Thank you again Paula and Ron for such a fun day! I love my new chair and my pretty outfits. I loved  the  cupcakes even if noone gave me a bite. They were so pretty. I will miss you next week." 

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