Thursday, February 3, 2011

# 10

It was #10 on my "bucket list"! I haven't been on one in 35(?) years! But here in Naples, where the temperature has been between 75 and 81 and sunny every day since we arrived, this was the place to do it! It wasn't pretty. I knew it wouldn't be! It had fat "old fashion" tires, a plastic basket tied to the handle bars, high handle bars, one sticky brake that sort of worked, and I couldn't stretch out my legs. (I can hear the laughter from here!) was like being a kid again!!!!!!!!! It was such fun....for about 1/2 hour! Then my tush began to....well you know! I was thrilled to remind myself what it felt like to feel like a kid again! As kids my siblings and I lived on our bikes! I knew that I would never be without a bike! But as most things happen when we get old, I forgot how much fun it was to ride. Maybe I'll even buy a bike next spring. Something that fits and has the right equipment attached. Yes! I think I will!!!
By the way, I haven't decided what the other 9 things are to write on my list.

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  1. You're already better off than me by even having a partial bucket list! Good idea for a blog topic!