Monday, February 21, 2011


Tom and I got home from Florida in time to get to Noblesville for another Upward Basketball game. Alexis is ready for the game to begin and I melt when she holds her hands out for me to take her but Tom insists that he is standing behind me and she wants HIM!!! So...I can dream can't I?
Lexi is ready for the game to begin but will do a few "stretches" before it begins.
"Ok...where is Nicholas? I'm ready to watch that game!"

"Where is he???"
"Maybe I'll just make a little trip out onto the floor to check things out."

"Oh darn! Here comes Daddy!!! I can't get away with anything!"

"I love my brodder. He lets me play with his pirate activity book while we wait."

"This is a great book!"

"Ok!!! It's time for the game!"


"That boy is a scrapper!"

And he shoots...........................................close one!

Good game Nicky!!!!

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