Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Layla and Marley stayed with us last night so their folks could go out with Craig and Stacy Mc Dowell. I'm so glad that they were here or it would have been a pretty boring evening for New Year's Eve. They were soooo good! Layla is now into the Junie B Jones books so Tom ended up reading two whole books between yesterday afternoon and 11:00 this morning. Layla was ready for bed last night when I told her that since it was a holiday, she had a choice: either go to bed or help make pumpkin muffins and then eat one. Guess which she chose? She did most of it herself since she has made them with me several times but she is really getting old enough to do nearly all of it. Marley was asleep but it won't be long before she can "help".

Elizabeth came by to pick up the girls and Layla decided that she wanted her ears pierced. Wow!!! Marley stayed here and Elizabeth took Layla and she did it!!!!!!!! The earrings are ....... pink!!! That girl can't say that she didn't have a new look for a new year! She called her daddy and told him the exciting news. Brent left this morning to head to Indy to help a friend move. We really did have a good time.

Well, the big news of the 1st day of the new year is that we are under a big snow warning. When Tom and I came home from eating this evening, it was difficult to tell where the lane was. As I look out toward US 20 bypass, it is strange not to see even one car go by. There are usually many! I just saw a road truck travelling very slowly. Guess I'll have to quit writing and check out the weather. I'll bet it says snow!!!!!!!!!!!

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