Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Day will be here on Friday. Our family Christmas, however, is always on the 24th since that is the day that Kendra and family and Brent and family are here altogether. Then, on Christmas Day, everyone heads to their other family and Tom and I head to Battle Creek to have Christmas with Mother and Debra. Since the kids have been married, it has worked out very well.

This year will be emotionally different. Brent and Elizabeth separated nearly 3 months ago. Brent has been living with us praying that his family will soon be back together. We are all praying for the best.

The presents are purchased and wrapped, house is clean, groceries are put away, pie and muffins are baked and lists are keeping me organized. Kendra and crew will be here tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon in time for pizza. Thursday morning will be breakfast then stockings, kids will eat lunch, adults will have Christmas dinner at 1:00 (Marley will nap) and presents will be opened about 3:00. This accomodates everyone's schedule.

I can't believe how much easier it is to get everything done as a retired person. I love being able to shop during the day and avoid the huge crowds. I feel very relaxed and am enjoying watching a Christmas movie. Life is good.

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  1. I feel the pain...I'm sure you know about my own situation by now.
    I'll be heading to Elkhart today myself!
    Merry Christmas!