Saturday, November 21, 2009


Incredible! After being on the market for 1 year in poor Battle Creek, Mother's house sold today. I have aged a lot since the call from my brother on my birthday afternoon (Nov. 6) saying that they were moving from their apartment to Mother's vacant house. Long sad story but did it ever make my stomach ache! After lowering the price many many dollars, in a weeks time, we had a bid from a young couple. The realtor, Talia, called yesterday to tell me. I was thrilled. Then the call from my brother came last night telling us that they were going to make a bid due to full financing from his in-laws. I drove to BC this morning to be with Mother as she talked to Talia. Mother ended up selling the house to Brother Keith as is. No inspections!!!! This part is very, very good for us!!! The check will go into the bank on January 7, 2010. Once again, God was with us this weekend! I pray that this is a second (???) chance for my brother and that they can have yet another beginning in life.

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