Monday, November 2, 2009


This was a big weekend...Nicky's 6th birthday and Halloween! Wow! The Bowman house was buzzing once again! Brent and the girls, Jason's parents and sister and family, some friends of Kendra's and Tom and I were all at Ron and Paula's. Great fun. We did Nicky's bd party at noon and the kids went trick or treating at 5:00. There is a lot of room at Paula's for everyone to spread out so we all had a great time.
Here is a little description of each photo (as if you needed one):
1: Brent and Layla hanging out together
2: How long now has Blake been a "Pirate" fan??? It's been going on for a long, long time!
3: This is Lexi's 1st Halloween so she is our little "flower girl"
4: Marley got caught up in Blake's pirate obsession which was really cute!
5: This was a big 6th birthay for Nicky. He has gone from the "Monster Truck" phase to the "Transformer" phase. It's really fun watching them grow and change.
It's wonderful being a JoJo!

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