Sunday, October 25, 2009

Nicholas, Blake and Lexi Lou Who

It was certainly a challenge getting these three to all look at me at the same time!!! Wow! I'm glad I did as well as I did!

It was a gorgeous day and since the weather has been so rainy and cold, today was a pleasant change. We took advantage and went for a walk and then came home to do photos.

Brent, Jeff Kamp and Tom headed home this morning after Brent and Jeff made the attempt to ride bikes to Noblesville on Friday. The weather was so stormy and windy, the weather won and Tom (who had followed) drove them on to Noblesville after they had biked 37 (?) miles. Yesterday, they biked for 20 miles around parts of Indy. They couldn't have chosen a worse weather day to ride Friday unless it had been in a winter storm.

The effects of my last surgery are nearly gone. I always feel some minor discomfort for a couple of weeks after Dr. Fretz has invaded my space but that "feeling" will be gone soon. Minor problem to contend with.

I will go see Barbara and Tom Rowlen on Tuesday morning. Barbara got home yesterday from seeing grandkids in Montana. She was suppose to come home last Wednesday but ended up in the hospital in MO with the swine flu!!! Good grief!

Tom is back in Elkhart blowing billions and billions of leaves. At the end of the day Thursday, the yard was relatively clear of leaves. Then the wind/rain storm hit on Friday. It's not a pretty picture!!! Wish he had a lawn mower with 4 wheels and a big engine! Thank goodness, Layla was there to help him rake on Thursday or he would have really been in trouble. Marley was home with a bad cold.

That's the update for this month. See you in the photo department at CVS.

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