Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nicholas and Layla's Big Days!!!

At 7:30 this morning Layla had tubes put into her ears and her adenoids removed. She is still in recovery as I write this but is doing well so far. I am in constant contact with Tom, Brent and Elizabeth via text messaging. What did we do without it??? She had had such difficult hearing and breathing so we certainly hope this helps. I can't wait for details as the day goes on.

At 8:00 this morning, Nicholas was staying in front of Dyar's house with family in tow, waiting for the school bus. First day of Kindergarten! I was there to take pictures (no kidding!). He had gone to school with his parents yesterday to make a hat, hear a story, be in his classroom, etc. and before that (Monday) his whole family was at school to meet Miss Gray and to see his room. Really they went for the ice cream, I'm told. Nicholas was very exited to get on the bus. It was good that he already was familiar with his teacher and classroom. Since he goes to 1/2 day Kindergarten, Kendra will have to pick him up after school at 11:15. Can't wait to hear about his day.

Paula and I picked Mother up Monday and she is at Paula's until I take her home on Friday. That is the reason I am still in Noblesville. She is sleeping right now, so after waving goodbye to Nicky this morning, Paula, Kendra and I walked for an hour. ugggggg!

Can't believe my "babies" are getting sooooo old!

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