Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Beginnings...

I'm actually home this week! But last week was a real adventure in that I was able to see Nicholas begin his adventure with the "education system".

Last Monday, the entire family went to an ice cream social, meet the teacher and see the classroom at Forest Hills Elem. School. Tuesday, Nicky and parents went to his orientation in the morning when he made his "name tag" hat and heard a story, etc. In the evening, the parents went alone back to school for their orientation. In between all of this, Kendra was going through phone calls and e-mails with friends debating the possibility of not returning to work at CICOA due to numerous job description changes which were unrealistic. She wrote her resignation on Thursday.

Wednesday was the big day! At 8:00, Kendra, Lexi, Blake, Daddy (who flew home from work to see Nicky off), Aunt Paula and I walked next door to stand in Dyar's drive to catch the bus. Jackson Dyar is now in 1st grade so he and Nicky got on together. Kendra held it together with just a few sniffs and then Paula, Kendra and I went for a walk.

We picked up Nicholas after school at 11:15 and he was a very happy boy!!! All three days were happy and exciting for him. So glad I could be there!!!

This coming Wednesday, I will be in Layla's driveway to see her getting onto the school bus for the 1st time! She just had her adenoids out and tubes put into her ears last Wednesday so she is ready for action!!! She will attend all day Kindergarten at Concord South Side Elem School and will have my dear friend, Carolyn Smith, as her teacher!!!!!!!!! I couldn't be happier. Carolyn is a veteran "child lover". We have known her for many, many years!!!

New beginnings for my two oldest grandchildren! My how the years are flying by!!!!!!!!!!!
P.S. Alexis had a great check-up this week and hit the "big" 10 pound mark!!!!!!!!

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