Monday, August 3, 2009

Guilty as charged!!! Mary Borgaard shamed me into updating my blog! If I had a more interesting life, I would probably update more often. My life is a mix of sitting here in my very, very quiet house (all 5 grandchildren just left), occasionally taking care of my two darling little girls (Layla and Marley) here in Elkhart or being in Noblesville with my 3 darling munchkins (Nicholas, Blake and Lexi). Everyone was just here for the weekend. Brent and Elizabeth were in Chicago for the weekend where Brent ran a mini-marathon (2 hours 1 minute!!!). We had the girls part of the time. Since Kendra and the 3 kids were here, it was a house full! I loved it!!!

July highlights: I completed healing from my bladder cancer surgery. All is well and I will keep my fingers crossed that my September 22 doctor's appt. doesn't show new tumors.

Kendra and Alexis drove with me to Battle Creek for my Mother to meet Alexis. It was a wonderful day. Mother is doing well and loving her apartment. In fact...she signed a new lease. Who would have thought!

Tom and I drove to Mackinaw City separately from Kendra and family (who were going for a wedding). It was quite a surprise for the little boys to open the door to the adjoining motel room and find us there! We all took horse and carriage rides around Machinac Island. Tom and I had some "together" time while the kids were at the wedding. Great long weekend!

On Sunday, July 26, Paula (sister), Linda Wagner and I sang a trio at Central Christian here in Elkhart. That was just way too much fun. I certainly miss singing! This makes it so true that July ended on a "high note"!

August: With the kids all here, this month began happily. Tomorrow, Tom and I will meet Tom and Barbara Rowlen in Wabash to catch up.

On Thursday, I will head to Noblesville because Kendra, Elizabeth, Paula and I are going to our third Women of Faith conference in Indy Friday and Saturday. We have waited for this all year! It is a great, inspiring time.

Nicholas begins kindergarten Wednesday, August 12 and Layla begins kindergarten on Wednesday, August 19. How can this be??????

Alexis finally made it to 9 lbs 1 1/2 oz. ! She will be 4 months old on August 7. What a little sweetheart! The doctors are happy with how she looks. Her heart is a little fast but she is doing so well that she will have another appt with the doctor Sept 3 and then they will probably set a surgery date. It is wonderful that she is doing so well.

Well, so much for me...

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