Monday, October 20, 2014

Pure Joy!

The house was full of toys, noise and little boys (and a couple of girls) this weekend. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The Noblesville grandkidlets arrived Friday early afternoon and headed home this afternoon. Their school system is on a balanced calendar so they had last week and this week off.

Ava and Rhys were thrilled that Nicholas, Blake and Alexis were coming. (They told me so.) The twins turned 1 month old last Wednesday and were ready to be held by their cousins. A month??? How did that happen so quickly?

Ava and Rhys
1 month old Rhys

1 month old Ava
Nicholas holding Ava
While holding Ava, Nicholas said:
"This feels awesome. I could do this all day."

Nicholas and Blake loving on their cousin.

Kendra was 'allowed' to hold Ava once in a while.

Blake has decided that the new cousins are almost as precious as his Legos!

"Aren't these babies wonderful!!!"
It doesn't get more wonderful than this!

Alexis the Angel
Love this little girl!!!
Kendra and Alexis

"Mommy, I kiss your head."
"I love you, Mommy."
"I think Rhys is soooo cute!"
This afternoon, Jen, the twins and I were invited to visit Layla's classroom. Mrs. Chapman LOVES babies and was very excited for the visit.
There was quite a squeal from Mrs. Chapman when we arrived.
She couldn't wait to get her hands on the babies.

Layla was so proud to show off her brother and sister.
It was so wonderful watching her be the center of attention.

The girls couldn't get enough of the twins.

Jen and Mrs. Chapman had fun visiting. Jen's mother, Barb Snell, just retired from teaching at this school. She would have been with us at Concord Intermediate School had she not just made a return trip to help her mother in Salem, Indiana.

I handed my phone camera to Layla and told her to take any pictures she wanted to.

This is the Fantastic Five (I can't remember what Layla said these 5 called each other but this sounds good) that eat lunch together every day.

There can never be too many silly pictures.
After leaving CIS, Jen suggested that we head to Hubbard Hill to see Mother. This was the twins 4th visit there. It takes a while to get down the halls and to Mother's room. We tend to get stopped along the way.
I had an incredible long weekend.
Life is soooo good!

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