Monday, October 6, 2014

Fun In The Sun

Tom, Nila App, Katie App Benner and I were a little nervous when we went to the Hertz Rental place in Goshen Friday morning to pick up our mini-van for our trip to Florida and we were told that there was no van available. What??? But we have a confirmation number! What do you mean....a confirmation number doesn't mean anything? Are you really telling us that because many times, cars/vans that are reserved, aren't picked up and therefore you don't really reserve them??? And you're telling us that you never had a name or phone number or email address to inform us??? So the email that came yesterday to Nila to remind us to pick up our van really didn't reach her because you didn't have our address? I think that we won't be using Hertz ever again! We headed to Enterprise.
The Enterprise people were very nice and understanding. They came close to matching the price that Hertz charged us and offered us a Chevy Suburban which was far nicer than any mini-van. We were thrilled until we reached Birmingham, Alabama. We had spent the night in Franklin, Tennessee and headed out Saturday morning eager to reach Destin, Florida by afternoon. Thankfully, we were near an exit when the oil light came on. We were able to take the exit and get to a nearby gas station. I had taken out Enterprise's roadside insurance at the last minute (Thank You, God!) even though we figured we really wouldn't need it since the vehicle was nearly new.) Because of that, we called the Enterprise number. I was on hold for a while and we were finally told that it would be "safer and quicker if you drive to the Firestone store 3 1/2 miles away". Tom questioned this but since there was plenty of oil on the dip stick, I followed their suggestion. Firestone determined that it was an oil pump problem and we wouldn't be driving it anywhere. The Firestone people were so helpful and I was only on hold  off and on, on their phone for an hour!!! Ugh! Eventually, a tow truck came to take the Suburban to the airport to the Enterprise place. The driver waited with us as we waited for a cab (we were told it would be a van to take the 4 of us and luggage) to take us to the airport to pick up another Suburban. It was not a van that arrived but a small cab. The tow truck driver took the luggage and Tom with him and we three females road in the cab. After more waiting, we all met up and got another Suburban. It was 4 hours out of our lives. I ended up driving at night and we didn't get to the condo in Destin until about 10:30 central time. But we made it thank goodness!!! I'm so grateful that I was with 3 calm, patient, forgiving people which helped keep me calm. All the people that helped us along the way, were very, very nice. (The weekend Enterprise crew at the airport was rather clueless.)
We were thrilled to finally arrive! Sunday was our first full day in Destin and after some exploring, resting and reading, we are in love with Destin.
Nila and Katie are ready to check out Destin

Put those away Nila and Katie!!!
Mother/Daughter chat by the ocean

Maravilla condos


Perfect weather!

More perfection!

Sand as clean and soft as flour!

Travel companions
Where are my pictures of Tom? I will grab some tomorrow for sure. He has done his walking, reading, napping and football game watching on his own time schedule. Enough of that nonsense!

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