Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sweet Alexis

I love my JoJo but...she got a new camera. She always wants me to say "cheese" but I don't want to. It was a beautiful day today so I went outside to play and JoJo followed me. I said, "cheese"....well....sort of. (Maybe she will go away, now.)

My daddy came home from work this morning and I was so happy to see him. He teases me and makes me laugh.
I asked daddy for a kiss. Then I pretended to wipe it off.

Daddy always says, "Don't you wipe off my kiss!"
It makes me laugh and laugh. We play this game over and over.

Daddy is so patient and so funny!
But it is almost time for me to go to school so
I must go eat my lunch.
My lunch was deeeelicious! Soon the bus will be here but I have a little time to play.
Mommy needs me to take care of the flowers.
(I think Mommy needs some help deadheading them!)

I do such good work!

Mommy and Daddy are having a talk while I work.
They sure do love me a lot!
Oh! I hear the bus coming!!! I must find the "wish flower" fast!

I hope these things don't stick to my lips!


Aunt Paula just drove into the driveway!!! I love my Aunt Paula and Uncle Ron soooo much! She wants me to have a good day at school. I wish Aunt Paula could go with me. She would love it!
I love you Aunt Paula!
                                   I'll see you after school!
                           I'm glad that you live so close to me!

Have a wonderful day my sweet girl!

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