Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Heading Home...

I'm heading home tomorrow. Paula will drive me to meet Tom in Rochester and then we will drive home together. We decided that we would have to learn how to live together again. Probably won't take long.
Kendra is doing well. She and Paula spend a lot of time together and work out schedules and that is fantastic. I don't need to worry about Kendra needing a driver. If she needed us, we'd be here. In addition to Paula, she has had many, many offers of help.
Dinner tonight was at the Club. It was delicious. Alexis was in her usual happy form:

Can I have a potato chip???

Blakie? May I have a potato chip?

I hope that someone gives me a potato chip.

I must test it to see if it tastes all right.

Oh, I think that it is just right!

Mommy? Do you want a potato chip?

Thank you for sharing with me, Mommy.

I think that Nicky and Blakie might want a chip.

No thank you, Alexis.

No thank you, Alexis.
After returning home, Nicholas played some basketball with his new hoop. His birthday is coming but he needed this now while the weather is wonderful.

It was getting dark but Nicky was hitting the hoop. Blake was flying around on his bike but I couldn't catch him. He was just a blur.

After showers, it was reading time and then to bed.
I'm so glad that Tom and I were available to come be with our kids and grandkidlets. We will miss being here regularly.
Heal, Kendra!

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