Wednesday, August 14, 2013

R.O.M.E.O. (Rowdy Old Middleburians Eating Out)

The 4th annual R.O.M.E.O. was held this morning at Dodi Oxenrider's beautiful home. If you used to be on staff at any of our Middlebury Community elementary schools, you were invited for breakfast on the first "kid" day of the year. For many of these folks, this is the only time they see each other. A lot of laughing, sharing, reminiscing, and eating take place.

It was chilly as people began to arrive. At this time last year, we worried about being in the heat!

How many people do you know???

Liz Jacobs (who guided me through my 1st year of teaching...bless her heart!), Thelma Swartzentruber (beloved Jefferson secretary who ran the school!), Terri Brunson and Violet Kaufman

Teresa Yoder, Liz, Jan Stair, Kathy Robarge, Terri, Violet

Jan, Kathy R., Terri, Violet, Teresa, Liz

?, ?, (sorry ladies; I can't remember your names) Barbara Bontrager, Ruth Miller

Nancy, Sally, Rachel Hartsough, Marcia Kindy, Ruth Ann Peachy

Phyllis Miller, Lenette Burckhart, Janet Ryman, Karen Rasler, Linda Garber, Thelma and Sara

Karen, Linda, Thelma, Sara, Phyllis, Lenette, Janet

Jean Schriner, Sally Fuller and Ann Leek

Kathy Wall and Joan Stiver

Dodi Oxenrider (our hostess) and Kathy Stiffney

Kathy Wall, Joan and ?

The sun is coming out!

"Are you kidding me???"

Dodi tells the story of the horrible water damage that happened a few months ago and how the workers had to keep re-fixing work they had done. What a mess! The restoration was completed YESTERDAY!!!

And the story continues.

Liz and Violet

"That is the funniest thing that I've ever heard!"

"Are you up to having us again next year, Dodi?"

Teresa, Linda and Karen

Kathy Stiffney and Rachel

Dodi has an incredible yard/grounds surrounding her incredible home!

A few people ventured down to the lake.

The sunshine warmed up the party.

Time to head for home.

This is my dear, dear friend, Jan Stair!

"See you next year."

Thanks to Dodi and Jack Oxenrider for sharing their lovely home with us!

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