Sunday, August 4, 2013


Yes! Marley has braces. But it's probably not what you think. They are on her legs, not her teeth. This is what happens when a person is a toe walker. A couple of years ago, Marley went to Riley and had casts put on for a month but they were ineffective. With the new braces, she is still in the adjustment stages right now so has them on for 2 hours and off for one hour for just a few days until she begins to have them on full time. At least that is what I think will be happening. I have heard that she will have them on at night too but don't quote me on that.
Her shoes are very large to accommodate the brace.

She is very happy when the 2 hours of wearing them is over.
I am very thankful that it isn't 90 degrees outside.

Ahhhh! They are off. The brace is molded into one piece which fits into her shoe.

After taking off the braces, Marley wanted "shoes" to wear outside so she found these "ball catcher" toys in the garage and padded around in them. I was impressed!

My plants love it when Marley visits.

Time to take a walk down the path to see what the beavers are up to.

"Come on Layla! I'll race you!!! (Just kidding.)"

"Come on, JoJo!"

PopPop shows Layla and Marley the tree that the beavers are taking down.


Layla and PopPop have such a love for each other!

The path is gorgeous on this summer day.

Marley and Layla pose for me by the river.

Brent and Jen have arrived home after attending a wedding in Pennsylvania. The girls are soooo glad to see their daddy.

Silly Marley!

I think they missed each other!'s Layla's turn.
Where is my camera???

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