Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I stole Tom's card! It was his camera card...not his credit card. He takes some great photos. We were returning from breakfast this morning and I exclaimed over a beautiful spider's web on our mailbox. He told me that he had already taken a picture of it. That's when I went to work and took his card.

Isn't this "some web"?
And then... I found a few more 'path' shots that he had taken.
He does good work!

Parent/child love or is it grandfather/grandkidlet love?


So good to see water in the river again. There isn't a lot (check the background) but it's certainly getting better.

Don't these look like something from outer space?
I do know why Tom feels that the path by the river is such a special place to walk.
Thanks, Tom, for letting me share your card!
 I hope you don't mind.

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