Saturday, February 4, 2012

Layla "Cheerleader" Kattau

Today was Layla's first experience as a cheerleader for Upward basketball. We could tell that she was very nervous before the game. She didn't smile or talk very much. It was only a matter of time (and confidence).
Layla! Layla! She's our girl! An Upward cheerleader with a curl!!

"Layla! Layla! She's my sister! Yeah Layla!

"We are the Lightening Bugs! Go team go!

"Go team! Go!!!"

Nana and Great Nana got to watch Layla cheer! That made Layla (and Marley) smile!

Good job Layla! You did it!!!!

Layla's "star" was for knowing her cheers! That cheer book went everywhere with her!

"I did it and it was fun!!!"

This is cute little Sarah!

This is sweet little Lily! Such a nice group of girls!

"I got a gift from my secret pal. Oooooo. I see purple!"

"I did it!"


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