Tuesday, December 20, 2011

ZERO....my favorite number!

Dr. Fretz has just checked and it's clear
That no tumors have dared to appear.
I'm so happy, I'm singing!
Christmas bells are a-ringing!
"I wish you a Happy New Year!"

Yipee!!! He did say that there is one area that he does need to keep watch of but that's fine. Dr. Fretz knows what to do to scare those tumors away. I had 12 tumors in the bladder the first year and just 1 since then, so I am very lucky. My cancer is just one of inconvenience! Not even a pill is necessary! 

When I arrived at the office this morning, the place was hopping. I am always sitting in the waiting room surrounded by old men! Aren't I a lucky girl...not! When I arrive, I am always greeted by Kay and Marsha and sweet nurse Tony. They like it when I write them a poem:

To some of my favorite people in the building of 'Urol... "O gee"!
 I will not get to see you for 6 months...not 3."
"Thank you for your greetings, for your taking my co-pay.
But no tumors once again were found
So Fretz said, "Go away!"

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