Monday, December 26, 2011

A Kattau Christmas

The Noblesville clan arrived on Friday. In the midst of all the cooking, Blake and Marley wanted to paint. Of course, I would  never tell them no just because I'm busy! Too good of an activity!
"Oh look Blakie! Let's see what color we can make the water!"


"How many more pictures are you going to take JoJo?"

"We LOVE Christmas (and stripes)!"

Ok...put your hand down Marley.

Hey Marley....look this way!

Blake....don't be silly! Marley...put your hand down.

"What is Blake doing???"

Marley and Layla love their daddy!

Nicholas sits down to read "The Night Before Christmas" and, as usual, patiently waits for everyone to be ready to open presents.

"Oh, these silly people. I can get into soooo much mischief."

Blake loves to wear a shirt and tie! It doesn't matter the day of the week.  So...PopPop got out a tie for everyone. Blake loved it!

Blake is ready to run for office!

Finally, it is time to open presents. Lexi gets a little help from Daddy.

Layla likes her new blouse.

"I wanted this Playmobile set my whole life!!!"

Marley and Layla love anything that has 'hair' involved.

Tom loved these shirts as a "Kattau Family" gift.

Marley likes to dress up.

The small print has a running list of all the Smith first names. Kendra and I saw these plaques at the Nappanee Art Fair and I actually remembered to order it for their family gift.

We had a wonderful Christmas! We attended Trinity UMC's 5:00 service as a family and I returned for the 10:00 service (especially since the choir sang plus I had a solo). It was a busy day.

Sunday morning, not realizing that services were changed to 10:00, I missed it. I was there at 8:30. Tom and I headed to Battle Creek for Christmas with Mother, Debra, her friend Max and her kids, my brother and family from New Mexico, and Keith and SB and their daughter and granddaughter. It was a good day.

Of course, Marley wanted to be sure that  we know the real reason for Christmas:

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