Monday, September 5, 2011

Music! Music! Music!

Alexis LOVES music! She signs  and says the word "music" or "piano" every chance she gets. She knows a few  words to songs and gets them rhythmically correct. What a girl!!! You may not know what the word is that she says but, by golly, WE sure know!

"Do you want to hear 'If you're happy and you know it'?"

"Did you like it? What shall I play now?"

"I will play...ABC.  It is soooo pretty."

"I will play a piece by Craig Courtney. My JoJo will love it!"

"Very difficult...very difficult but beautiful."

"Now I will show you my baby...oh...where is she?"

"I love her new shoes. (This is Marley's doll. She is sharing with me. Thank you Marley.)"

"I love this baby!"

"Will this shoe fit on my foot?"

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