Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

Layla and Marley came over Wednesday afternoon (the 22nd) to play with Nicholas and Blake. Tom and I had returned from Noblesville bringing the boys with us since they had no school. It was a great time to have them visit and time for the girls to come play with their cousins.

Our basement is just that...a basement. It is for storing junk. It is not pretty. It is not cozy. is room for the kids to run and play. Layla was given the very very old Barbie dolls and clothes that used to belong to my younger sister Debra, 50 years ago. She loves playing with them and it will make my sister very happy to know that they are still being used.
I think that this dress was made from my sister's wedding dress scrap. Not sure about that. It was somebody's wedding scrap. I'll find out for sure.

Blake found the mini cars and trucks that used to belong to Uncle Brent!

Marley would swing all day if she could find someone to push her. This IKEA swing was the best purchase I have ever made for the kids. It has had hours of use for a few years now.

Nicholas is our little athlete. Tom found this basketball hoop (that plays music or cheers when you make a basket) probably at Goodwill.
Remember what I said about the swing?

Back upstairs, many activites take place. The rules are made up as you go. You thought that you knew how to play "Old Maid".

Brent reads "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" to Marley for the 457th time.

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