Sunday, October 3, 2010


Layla is home from the hospital minus her appendix. Thinking that it was the flu, we kept Marley at our house for a couple of days. Layla had gotten sick at school on Thursday morning. She was still sick on Friday and by Saturday was complaining of pain on the "right side". After a SIX hour wait to get a cat scan (due to patients arriving at the hospital from a terrible accident), she was scanned and the surgeon was called. Surgery was at 10 PM Saturday night.
After seeing the doctor at noon today (Sunday), Layla was ready to go home. Her PopPop had been at her house ALL night and I don't know if she needed to see him or she needed to see her PopPop more!!! That was a long time without each other!

We were told that Layla is now the "sticker princess" ! Between the little treat box and the stickers, she thought that life wasn't too bad at the hospital (once the pain was gone).

In fact, post-surgery is kind of like Christmas......lots of presents! Not too bad!

Oh! Oh! Time for pain meds! UGH!!!!! Mommy holds Layla's nose during administration!

Ok! Time for a little nap! Sick and pain are now behind her and time for the healing to Layla begins her little nap. Glad it's over, the pain is subsiding and the healing is underway! Thank you to the doctor (brand new to Elkhart General!!! who was so good with Layla and made pretty little incisions!)

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