Saturday, September 18, 2010

STILL Undefeated!

As far as I'm concerned, the L.E. Johnson sponsored 1st grade soccer team Layla is on, is undefeated!!!!! the numbers indicate that they "lost" but I know that they really were "winners"!!! So far this season, they have won every game with one tie. They have scored 49 goals so far this season. The team that they played today had never won a game. I remember being on (or rooting for) a team that lost every game. It's no fun. I don't care your age or your sport. But in 1st grade!!!!!!!!! Losing is not fun!!! Layla's coach knew that they would be playing such a team. He wrote his player's parents and informed them that he would be putting his best players (he is blessed with a few very good little players) on offense for only 1 quarter, on defense the rest of the time and they would all sit out a quarter. He was sorry if any parents were offended by this but he wanted the other team to have a chance to win a game.

The results are in: the other team won the game. Good for them! Those little ones are so happy and proud of themselves! I'm so happy for them.

I'm especially proud of the coach for making this decision. He is a natural with those kids...cheers them on...builds them up....praises.....hugs....laughs....plays.....

He was blessed with good players and good team parents but I was blessed...........

with a terrific son! I'm very proud of you Brent!

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