Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day "laboring"

"Hi Uncle Ron" says Alexis. "Thank you for letting us come to your house for Labor Day weekend. We really appreciate it! You can come to my house anytime you want to. I love you!"

"Hey PopPop Tom!!! I WIN and you haven't even moved yet! Do you need me to help you get started?" yells Nicholas.

"Look what I just caught from Aunt Paula's dock! I can tell you all about it if you have time! I don't even mind sticking my thumb into it's ugly, smelly, little mouth!" says Nicky.

"Mommy!!! Aunt Heather!!!! Aunt Kendra!!!! Lexi!!!!! Will someone listen to me??? What are you laughing about??? What IS so funny???? Is it something about Aunt Heather's 38 birthday party??????????????? HELLO!!!!!!" yells Layla.

"Ok. It is a gorgeous day and it's time for some Sunday excitement in the driveway! Please don't run over anyone who is on a scooter or running around!"

"I'm Blake and I discovered that I am getting really good on this scooter! I can go very fast and I don't even fall down very much! I didn't want to even try it last summer but this summer, I am really trying lots of new things and it is fun!!!!!"

"PopPop Tom and JoJo, Aunt Lizzy and Mommy took us to the part nearby. The sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. You can see all 5 of us grandkids and the "old folks" in this picture."

"I am sooooo cute! I just love being outside with Blake and Nicky! The weather is so beautiful and I have had such a good time. I think that we are ready to head home now because I have a soggy diaper."

"Mommy is ready for 'Trouble'. She is learning to play better every time she tries to beat me. Usually I win though. Playing a game is a good way to rest after being outside for a long time."

"While we were at the park, PopPop and JoJo brought us a lunch from McD's. It was fun to eat outside."

"Today is Monday and I woke up early this morning but Daddy got up with me and got me dressed so I was ready for photos when JoJo got up. I LOVE wearing GAP. I'm stylin' don't you think? JoJo caught me reading my book. It is so much fun to look at the cute pictures."

"I just think that I'm the cutest thing ever!!!!"

"Blake and Nicholas jump out of bed (when they don't have to get ready for school) and begin to build things in their room. Blake said today that he wants to be a "Brickmaster" when he grows up. He said that it is someone who builds lots of things. My brothers do love to build things. They play for hours in their room and don't even come out for a long time to talk to me. I need to speak to my Mommy and Daddy about that!!!!"

"After we were all ready this morning, some of us had breakfast at the "Red Roof" with PopPop and JoJo. Layla loves being anywhere that her PopPop is. So do I!"

"Mommy is holding me up so I can check out what everyone is doing from Aunt Paula's kitchen deck. I see Nicholas and PopPop, Layla and Aunt Dizzy and my daddy is checking the water levels. Daddy is going to walk to my house and get his boat and drive it over here so we can go for a boat ride. He is a good daddy!"

"This is my cousin Marley and her daddy, Uncle Brent. Marley must be a very very big girl since Uncle Brent is letting her drive Daddy's boat!"

"Blake, Layla and Nicholas are being towed on the tube. I don't know why they won't let me get on. Oh well....maybe someday. Right now they are going very slowly."

"Hmmmm....Layla isn't on the tube anymore. They must have picked up speed!"

"Marley didn't last very long on the tube. I think that she prefers the safety of her Mother's arms. (I still think they should let me go on the tube!)"

"Daddy is letting Layla drive too!!! Hey....HOW ABOUT ME!!!!!"

"Ok...what's so funny? I can tell that those cousins of mine are having a darn good time.....but wait! Is that Uncle Brent back there? HEY UNCLE BRENT....are you having a good time?"

"Time to head back to my house. Nicholas is going to drive. I guess he will make PopPop walk. Good thing we live so close!"

"I see my Blakie on his scooter and....wait! Is that my mommy driving???? OMG!!!"

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