Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year Ago...

It was one year ago that I learned that I had bladder cancer. I've had 3 surgeries to remove 12 TTT's (teeny tiny tumors) in 12 months......3 tumors every 3 months. But thank you God that they are contained INside the bladder and Dr. Fretz "looks after them". Some people get a tumor never to have another. Then there is me! But no complaints...just graditude that they are being taken care of.

Now!!! This morning I'm heading back to New Directions at EGH. Enough with the excuses! This 13 pound weight gain WILL come back off. I am out of control with my compulsive eating and I need help again. THERE! I said it! I need (Compulsive Eating Anonymous)!!! I felt like Pioneer Woman with my Memorial Day cooking but that is over now. No more! Done! Nada! Pray for me!

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