Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Merry Month of May!

I can't begin to remember all of the "May" events. It is the month that I make more birthday and anniversary cards (with a couple of extras thrown in for good measure) than any other month. By the time that we celebrated Tom's 66th birthday on May 15, I had already created 4 and it was only the beginning. Kendra decided that 66 candles on one cake was too many. Good thinking!
I can't believe that Layla and Nicholas (below) are now Kindergarten graduates! It has been so much fun watching them learn to read and write, make new friends and begin their educational journey. Above, Layla says goodbye to Mrs. Smith. She was fortunate to have Carolyn (our good friend for many years) as her teacher.
Nicholas loved Miss Gray. We had a chance to visit his classroom on Grandparent's day and on the day of his "Kindy 500". We are soooo proud of Nicky!
Then it was Layla and Marley's turn to have birthdays. Layla turned 6 on May 27th and Marley (below) turned 3 on May 22nd. Does life get any better than on a birthday?

Here are just a few pictures of my sweet little Noblesville grandkids. Nicky was reading to Lexi and Blake was entertaining her with her toys. They are such wonderful kids.

I love this picture of Blake. He just makes me smile!

Hi sweet Alexis! Are you singing to PopPop? You are so much fun!

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