Friday, May 14, 2010

What A Weekend!

I got my computer back so I am able to put in photos of last weekend. It began with a FREEZING ballgame for 6 yr old Nicholas. That sweetheart never complained once! (I made up for it, though!) Keep your eye on the ball Nicky! He did and hit it every time he was up to bat!
Since this is a "transition" year, every child gets to bat. If they strike out or are "thrown out", they do return to the dugout. Nicholas was last up to bat and didn't get out so he got to run the bases! Just as good as a homerun to him!!!

Blake and Alexis have warmed up and are ready to play. Such good brothers!

After the ballgame, Kendra and I hustled to get to the baby shower for Christy & Eric Ewing.

Woops! Wrong order for the pictures.....Friday evening was the surprise birthday dinner for my sister, Paula. Heather had everything planned. This is the kind of thing that happens when one hits the big 6-0! (Turn around Heather!!! Your red hair is beautiful but I want to see your face!!!)

Don and Susie Thacker were instrumental in getting Paula to the restaurant for dinner. Aren't they a cute couple!

The birthday girl and Ron. Oh....and there is Jason holding Lexi!

Lexi enjoys the pink boa.

Blake and Nicholas discuss life with PopPop. After a 2 1/2 hour dinner, these little guys never complained once! They are amazing (and that is NOT normal!)

Tom and I headed back to Elkhart after the baby shower on Saturday so we could go to Battle Creek on Sunday for Mother's Day. Mother entertained us after dinner. Always a good time!
Sunday afternoon, we returned home because we knew that Layla and Marley would be coming for the night and the next few days due to her Grandpa Rich being in the hospital at the IU Med Center. Layla was quite worried about her grandpa but when she found out that I would be at her school to visit on Monday, she could think of nothing else.
Monday was a treat! I was invited to Layla's classroom (her teacher, Carolyn Smith, has been a dear friend for many years!) to read with Layla from my "You Read To Me; I'll Read To You" book. Layla was sooooo excited.

Monday night, after bathtime, Layla sits at my piano and sings beautiful songs! Quite entertaining.

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