Thursday, July 24, 2014

Family Fun!!!

For years, I've wished for our family to go away together. Kendra and Jen did the planning (which made me very happy) and they chose Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana. It is a well planned theme park and very clean with free drinks, free sun screen and well priced food. It was decided that everyone was free from Friday after work until Monday afternoon, July 18-21.
Plans changed, somewhat, when Brent and Jen recently found out that she/they were pregnant with TWINS!!! (But that's a story for another day!) They would be having a birthing class on Saturday so wouldn't arrive until Sunday morning. Tom and I would take the girls.
We spent Friday night at Kendra's and everyone took off early Saturday morning. Tom and I took Marley and Blake in our car and left a while before Kendra, Jason, Nicholas and Layla. Amazingly enough, we all arrived at exactly the same time! It was time to get on the tram to ride to the park. The excitement was building!
Layla, Silly Blake, Marley, Nicholas

Since Brent and Jen weren't with us on Saturday, we decided that we would do the Splash Park attractions.
Kendra was able to talk  Lexi and Marley into drifting down the Lazy River. They loved it enough to do it several times.

Since I served as "home base" for people to leave their towels, shoes, bags, etc., I took very few photos. I made up for it on Sunday, when I was able to watch the kids ride.
I laughed so hard watching them on the Bumper Cars, it was hard holding the camera still.
Look at the determination on Blake's face!
Marley had started out in the driver's seat but decided that Blake would do better.
Layla's car was determined to go backward.
"Blake!!! Be nice!!!"
I have pictures of Tom fitting into the car. Funny!!!
He did it though! Nicky was glad!
Check out the look of  'I'm gonna get them' on Brent's face!
"Rats! I missed!!!"
Second try: Nicholas decided to let his daddy try out his driving skills.
Marley and Kendra are very proud!!!
"What happened???"
"I LOVE bumper cars!!!!!,"  says Marley.
In the mean time:
Alexis LOVED the rides. Occasionally, she would hear loud noises and cover her ears but she sure had fun. Lexi would ride the kiddie rides all day if allowed.
Nicholas and Layla on the Sparkler

Blake and PopPop (ears covered)

Jen and I did lots of visiting between walking to various rides.
We had plenty to talk about (happy dance)!
Yup! It's TWINS!!!
Marley flies through the air!
This was Layla's 1st roller coaster ride.
She decided that it was her last.
Marley "drove" the old cars.
Brent held on tightly!
Brent and Layla road on the Hollow Swings.
"Hang on Daddy!!!"
"Don't be afraid, Daddy!"
Lexi loved "walking the wall".
It was just as good as the rides!
"I'll hold you up PopPop," says Marley.
"Wake up, Marley!!!"
Riding the Rapids ended up being a favorite of the weekend!
Various groups went down the rapids several times.
They never knew who would end up getting the wettest.
It depended on who was sitting on the far side.
Jen and I watched and waved from a safe distance.
Marley was the lucky one to get doused on this trip down.

Even Alexis wasn't immune to getting wet.
The first time down, you would have thought that she didn't like it
but she LOVED it and didn't want to stop!
Time to compare 'wetness'!
Ice cream break!
Brent and Alexis listen to the sounds of silence...not!
The Frightening Falls Log Ride was braved by Layla, Marley, and Brent.
It happens so fast, I clicked the camera a split second too soon.
Layla loved it (the flash of blue), Marley didn't.
Alexis loved the Goldfish!!! Jason hung with Lexi to let her ride, ride, ride.
With no crowds and perfect temperatures, she rode and rode and rode.

Jen and Brent smile for the camera.
Lexi and Marley will ride until the park closes!
"Hi-Five, Daddy!!!," says Marley.
Marley and Alexis fly through the air.
Noise reducing "ear muffs" were needed at times for Alexis.
Kendra discovered their important use a few months ago.
"Wheeeeee!," says Marley.
The final morning:
Everyone met for the continental breakfast on Monday morning.
Below, Layla shows her fatigue.
Nicholas, PopPop, Alexis, Layla, Marley
Alexis, Layla, Blake, Nicholas, Marley
All 5 precious grandkidlets!!!
Oh wait! All SEVEN precious grandkidlets!!!
Alexis, Marley, Layla, Baby Girl, Baby Boy, Blake, Nicholas
It was a wonderful Kattau/Smith family weekend.
By 11:00, everyone was headed home.
Tom and I made a pitstop in Ferdinand, Indiana just outside of Santa Claus, to see the beautiful Monastery. So glad we stopped!

What a wonderful memory!!!

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