Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This is what Thanksgiving is all about....these 3 in Noblesville and 2 granddaughters that were still in Elkhart.

It seems like yesterday when this "school bus" belonged to Nicholas. Along came Blake to play in it and knock it down and crawl through the windows. Then this past week it came out of storage for Alexis. Such fun to listen to them laugh and play together without a care in the world.

Then Tom went to Goodwill and found a globe! A puzzle globe! But he already has one...or two...but this time he could show the boys how it goes together. They were intrigued! It is now sitting on a shelf in their bedroom. They got to show the globe (in progress) to Great Grandma Carol.
Paula's heart melted a little bit this week when Blake came home from Kindergarten and had written "I am thankful for ant paula." I'll bet that that picture (Paula is a pirate???) will end up being framed!

Don't be shocked but I didn't touch the turkey! Paula and Kendra are looking for the "bags" or "gags" or whatever it is stuffed into those birds!

Alexis is all cleaned up and fresh from the tub. She is sporting her new dress and ready for Thanksgiving. She is such a blessing!

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