Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kisses!!! Crawling!!! Cheering!!!

What a fabulous weekend!!! Tom and I had Kendra and Jason's three all to ourselves from Saturday a.m. until Monday late afternoon. Tomorrow (Wednesday) they return to Noblesville. With the 3 cousins in town, Layla and Marley were able to spend lots of time with their cousins. Such good times!!!

Alexis (16 months on August 7th) has had an incredible week. She puckers up for kisses when she sees the light of my camera but even better.....she learned to crawl last Thursday night (while her parents were there to see her thank goodness!!!) Kendra had called to tell me to "get the baby gates up....Lexi can crawl!!!)

What a girl!

Alexis can "toss it in the oven" at most any time and cheer with the best of them!

I actually captured all five of them in the same photo...note Alexis crawling and Marley on tippy toes. You didn't expect me to get them all facing forward, did you???

Here is my sweet Layla! Layla just loves having Alexis visit. She had toe nail polish ready for Lexi's toes upon their arrival since the physical therapist had suggested using it to see if it would get Lexi to notice her toes more to help straighten her toes.

Alexis is the most beautiful baby! I just can't imagine life without her!

And then there is my sweet Marley Mae (I think she will probably grow up thinking that that really is her name!) It is Marley Elane.

And my sweet Nicholas who LOVES swinging on our frisbee swing! That swing has provided hours of fun for all the kids (except Lexi of course). They love to come to PopPop and JoJo's house probably more for the swing than to see us....no....just kidding I'm sure.

And my sweet Blake. Blake is still our pirate boy! If you could see his hands in this picture, I would bet money (maybe) that he has PlayMobile or Lego Pirates in his hands. I would bet because I would win!

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